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Unbowed movie poster

Unbowed (2011)


Unbowed movie poster

Unbowed Movie

Bu-reo-jin hwa-sal (original title)
Runtime : 100 min
Genre : Drama
Movie Release : 19 January 2012 (South Korea)
Director:Ji-yeong Jeong
Writers:Hyun-keun Han (screenplay), Ji-yeong Jeong (screenplay)
Stars:Sung-kee Ahn, Won-sang Park, Young-hee Na
Country:South Korea


Professor Kim Kyung-ho is fired unfairly after he points out an error found in a math problem in the college entrance exam. When he loses the lawsuit over securing his position as a professor and even his appeal is overruled without a just cause, he personally goes to the judge in charge and threatens him with a crossbow as he demands fair judgment. After a fierce struggle, Kim is arrested and the judge’s shirt with blood stain, a 2cm-long stab wound to judge’s abdomen, and a broken arrow are presented as evidence

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