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Toxic movie poster

Toxic (2010)


Toxic movie poster

Toxic Movie

Runtime : 88 min
Genre : Drama | Thriller
Release Date : 1 March 2010 (Germany)
Director:Alan Pao
Writers:Alan Pao, Kyle Kramer.
Stars:Susan Ward, Corey Large, Master P
Country : USA


The lives of a nightclub owner, a crime boss, a stripper, a bartender, two hitmen, a prostitute and a psychic take a turn for the worse when they are trapped in an escaped mental patient’s sinister path of madness and destruction

Movie Reviews

The description on the back of the DVD box is a bold faced lie! This is not a high octane thriller. It’s about as high octane as tap water and about as thrilling as watching paint dry. There’s no murderous rampage by a beautiful mental patient either. The character they are referring to spends the entire movie doing next to nothing.

The only good thing I have to say about Toxic is that I enjoyed the color scheme and lighting. Everything else about it is bad.

The director (apparently from the Quentin Tarantino school of film) is entirely too busy showing off to actually entertain his audience, replacing storytelling and plot with silly camera moves and script contrivances.

Speaking of story and plot, there hardly isn’t any worth mentioning, just too many characters (some of which are pointless) doing lots of mundane things centered around a sleazy strip club.

The cast consists of a bunch of wasted cameos by various character actors and at least one each of rapper and porn star, who’s collective performances are about as memorable as your first birthday.


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