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Dated Released : 2010
Quality : DVDRip XviD – VoMiT
Country : USA
Starring : Marc Donato, Jascha Washington, Whitney Hoy
Genre : Drama | Horror | Thriller


First of all, this movie was way too long. It ran to 90 minutes but would have been better sticking to 75-80 with some more editing. Acting was fair although of course there were no ‘stand out’ performances from the young cast. The setting of the story in a high school and the plot -revenge are of course nothing new, it was therefore up to the writer and director to create some shock value. Unfortunately in the age of SAW and their ilk going down the route of gore doesn’t really work. I think some writers and directors really need to review a lot of old classics to see how enticing great acting is. Of course great acting is helped with some really good lines and an imaginative plot that speaks to all people not just a sub sector of society. Is it just me, or are too many horror movies made these days with the teen American market in mind and who cares about anyone else? I would add though, that I have always liked American high schools as a setting; they being a natural melting pot of races,classes,political views,and societies. Here there were 99% white with a token African-American thrown in and the worst stereotypes imaginable. I gave this movie a 5 because horror is nearly my favorite genre, if it wasn’t I would have given it a 3, and probably not have made it to the very weary end.




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