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Date Released : 18 November 2005 Quality : DVDRip Country : South Korea, USA Starring : Hyeon-jun Shin, So-yi Yoon, Seo-jin Lee Genre : Action >> Storyline SHADOWLESS SWORD MOVIE In ancient Korea, the prince of Beahae has been assassinated and the kingdom is Read More
Dated Released : 16 October 2008 Quality : DVDRip XviD Country : South Korea Starring : Jong-won Choi, Seok-jin Ha, Yeong-eun Lee Genre : Drama | Romance >> STORYLINE SUMMER WHISPERS MOVIE This film tells the story of a professor who is old (Min-Seop) Read More
Dated Released : 3 December 2008 Quality : HDRip Country: South Korea Language: Korean Starring : Kyeong-min Hong, Seok-hyeon Hwang Genre : Comedy | Drama | Music >> Storyline SPEED SCANDAL MOVIE A radio DJ/entertainer in his 30s suddenly learns he may be a Read More
Date Released : 17 May 2007 Quality : DVDRip -XviD Country: South Korea Language : Korean Starring : Do-yeon Jeon, Kang-ho S Genre : Comedy | Drama | Romance >> Storyline SECRET SUNSHINE MOVIE Sin-ae moves with her son Jun to Miryang, the town Read More
Date Released : 10 January 2008 Quality : DVDRip Directed : Lee Sang-gi Country : South Korea Starring : Kim Myung-min Genre : Drama >> STORYLINE OPEN CITY MOVIE What turned me on to Open City in the first place was the compelling plot. Read More