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Dated Released : 22 October 2009
Quality : low version
Country : Indonesia
Starring : Candil, Saykoji, Ramzi
Genre : Comedy | Music


The story originated from The Panky, rock band led by Ipank (Candil Seurieus) vocalist who likes to get angry, Ozi (Ramzi) who likes late drummer, Eric (Edric Tjandra), guitar player who likes to sulk and Joy (T-Pain), keyboardist and rapper-bodied fat and have bad habits like farting. The Panky that prestige is declining and not sold in the market, making the producer wants to make an album collaboration between The Panky with Munanada, a King of Malay music, which also was falling prestige. Kaloborasi between them is expected to restore their glory. Ipank initially refused because he has been known to be very anti-Malay.

But the plan was not going well, Munanada very religious, has a requirement in this cooperation. He wants anyone who collaborated with him should come the rules. Cs else Ipank dirukiah and lectured. Even the earrings are pierced in the body of personnel The Panky was removed by Munanada. Not enough, they have any tattoos that would be ironed by Munanada. Despite trying to be patient, but in the end Ipank cs annoyed too, so at practice often turned ugly until fighting. And a peak at Munanada said that Ipank has hurt her and Malay ancestors. For that, Ipank should receive the curse.

Since then, in every place and occasion, Ipank always hear Munanada Malay songs. When stopped at a red light, even when he had the police ticket, cop turns singing Malay songs. Meanwhile Ipank accidentally met with a girl tattooed and looking grim, Gabby (Sarah Jane), who without knowing it was the son Munanada. One time, Gabby took Ipank to his home. Munanada who knows this of course does not approve of the relationship, Ipank even expelled and threatened not to approach her again.

However Ipank not give up so easily. Various kinds of ways he doing for the meet Gabby. In the end, Munanada willing to bless the relationship Ipank and Gabby on the condition Ipank tainted beat the King of the Malay and become more famous than Munanada.

Not confident, Ipank decided to resign from The Pangky then practice wither alone. Fortunately, their friendship is stronger rope, so that the official Pangky alter the flow of music from rock to metal flow, total Malay. Not only that, The Panky also added elements of rap in their Malay music. Not unexpectedly this tendency even favored fans, even their fans were growing.




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