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Dated Released : 27 September 2009
Quality : BRRip 720p
country : Canada, Germany
Starring : Brendan Fletcher, , Shaun Sipos, Michael Paré
Genre : Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller


This movie was rather interesting and surprisingly so. I had expected a mediocre movie at best, so I was pleasantly surprised.

What made this movie have a big impact, is the fact that things similar to the events in the story actually do happen from time to time in our messed up society. Just take the school shootings from USA or Finland for example. Uwe Boll played his cards well in this movie, and delivered somewhat of a social and political heavy set movie here.

The acting was sparse, and wasn’t really needed in a movie of this type. But the lead role played by Brendan Fletcher was remarkable. He put on a stunning performance with his psycho role.

Now, the only thing that kind of irritated me in this movie was the hand-held camera stuff. That was horrible. Had Uwe Boll decided to go with a steady cam instead, the movie would have been just that much more cool. Sure, hand-held cams are nice as well, but it was just a tad too much in this movie. Every single shot was shaking back and forth, often to a degree where you started to pull your hair and scream “keep it still, for the love of Hollywood gods!” But looking past the camera issue, then this movie rocked phenomenally.

This is most definitely a movie to check out. It is packed with action and at the same time taking on the gloves to punch our sick society in the face.




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