Dated Released : 8 December 1997
Quality : DVDRip – x264
country : India
Starring : Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Bhatia, Amrish Puri
Genre : Musical | Romance | Action | Drama


Pardes, is about Kishorilal who lives in America but has not forgotten his motherland India. His attachment with the country is deep and he hopes to find a daughter-in-law for his westernized, American son, Rajiv. He is especially taken by Ganga, the daughter of his friend Suraj Dev. He offers a marriage proposal between Ganga and Rajiv and they accept. He sends his foster son, Arjun to ensure Ganga approves of Rajiv. Soon Rajiv joins them and eventually both approve of each other. The engagement is set in India with the wedding in America. Ganga leaves for America with her new family and begins to adjust to her new surroundings. Her only friend is Arjun who she begins to form a special bond with. At first everything seems OK but as time goes on she realizes that Rajiv really isn’t the person Arjun described to her while she was in India. She is right when she sees Rajiv smoking, drinking and to her shock finds out that he is still seeing his former girlfriend…




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