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Moon Point movie poster

Moon Point (2011)


Moon Point movie poster

Moon Point Movie

Runtime : 85 min
Genre : Comedy
Director: Sean Cisterna
Writers: Robert Lazar, Elke Town (script consultant).
Stars: Nick McKinlay, Paula Brancati and Kyle Mac
Country : Canada


The funny, quirky story of Darryl Strozka, an ambitionless 24-year old who travels hundreds of miles in a wagon hooked onto the back of his friend’s electric wheelchair, in hopes of tracking down his childhood crush.
Movie Review
During the movie the main character is explaining Plato’s “Forms” to another character, and he misrepresents the theory as belonging to Aristotle. The actor described Plato’s Forms, Aristotle did not believe in Forms.

Aristotle was a student of Plato, and was radically opposed to, and argued against Plato on this. Aristotle had a completely different take on “forms” (small f) as in “hylomorphic” or derivative form in substance, rather that Plato’s metaphysical “Ideals” in some non-seen realm, which is what the actor described.

So that’s too bad. But it was a cute movie, I could have given it a 6 instead of a 5 were it not for that really bad mistake. I mean, that is -such- a major mistake, it really is, and someone’s college professor should be embarrassed.

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