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I Declare War movie poster

I Declare War (2012)


I Declare War movie poster

I Declare War (I)

Runtime : 94 min
Genre : Action | Comedy | Drama
Movie Release : 15 April 2012 (USA)
Directors: Jason Lapeyre, Robert Wilson
Writer: Jason Lapeyre
Stars: Siam Yu, Gage Munroe, Michael Friend
Country: Canada
Language: English


Bang, bang, you’re dead. No, really dead. A group of twelve year old kids play war in a forest but the audience views the action through their eyes. They fire real machine guns, hear mortars exploding around them, and dodge bloody shrapnel from grenades. I Declare War is a movie for young and adult audiences alike, featuring twelve to thirteen year old actors in the tradition of Stand By Me. With overtones of Lord of the Flies, I Declare War is a parable for not only events broadcast nightly on newscasts throughout the world, but a chilling depiction of the capacity for youth and man to take charge and to win at all costs.


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