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I Am Virgin movie poster

I Am Virgin (Video 2010)


I Am Virgin movie poster
I am Virgin

Runtime : 94 min
Genre : Comedy | ADult
Release Date : 23 February 2010 (USA)
Director: Sean Skelding
Writers: Sean Skelding, David Wester
Stars:Hank Cartwright, Jamison Challeen and Amber Chase
Country : USA

Movie Review

Yep, i too expected this to be a comedy, like the cover and some screen stills would say. You know, like Scary Movie kind of comedy. I wasn’t expecting anything good but this is just straight up porn. The movie has at least 5 sex scenes that each last around 10 minutes and its just porn music playing and showing sex, mostly soft core but you can see a genital here and there too.

The plot is the boring part to be honest and consists of the main character just wandering around and speaking in monologue, finding new places to have a peepshow into these vampires having sex.

Don’t bother watching if you want a comedy, and don’t bother watching if you want porn since it doesn’t really show anything 😀 On the plus side a couple of the girls are pretty hot though.

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