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Dated Released : 12 November 2009
Quality : VCDRip
Country :Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Starring : Ati Kanser Zein, Reza Rahadian, Didi Petet
Genre : Drama


A child certainly want happy parents. But over time, when the child has a dream of living and who want to reach, making the happiness of parents a little shifted. This is what young people want to be appointed by the director through the film Aditya Gumay Emak UP LIKE HAJJ.

The story begins with the life Zein (Reza Rahadian) and mother (Aty Kanser) on the coast. Zein is busy with the household life, finally had to accept her marriage failed and should be a widower. Living alone, after his father and brother died, made Zein loved his mother. For everyday life, Zein worked as itinerant peddler painting. Own mother worked as a maid in the family Bang Haji (Didi Petet).

One day, Zein his mother realized there was one dream that has not materialized, which perform the pilgrimage. Aware that no person is located, mother willing to save for years to realize his dreams. Zein who saw the spirit of the Ma to work and save money despite the age his mother was not young anymore, makes her tick. By accident, he saw a gift lottery program pilgrimage when shopping for a product with certain multiples. He also collects discarded lottery tickets visitors. A few days later, in a newspaper he saw the announcement of the lottery. Between believing and not, Zein’s lottery number was the one who won the main prize for hajj.

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