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Easy Money Life Deluxe 2013 Movie Poster

Easy Money Life Deluxe (2013)


Easy Money Life Deluxe 2013  Movie Poster

Easy Money: Life Deluxe (2013)

Snabba cash – Livet deluxe” (original title)
Runtime : 127 min
Genre : Crime | Drama | Thriller
Movie release : 30 August 2013 (Sweden)
Director: Jens Jonsson
Writers: Jens Jonsson (screenplay), Jens Jonsson (story).
Stars: Matias Varela, Joel Kinnaman, Martin Wallström
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish | Spanish | English | Croatian | Arabic

Movie Reviews

The intentions were good – the idea to make a heightened third installment – an operatic finale to the series.

But the filmmakers were not talented enough to pull it off.

Instead it plays like a naive, illogical, unfocused and poorly written work of a B-rate hack filmmaker.

First of all, who cares when everybody is a moron in your story. There is not one single character that shows genuine intelligence or smarts. Instead we are meant to root for these numb-nuts.

If you want to play the world of Michael Mann (HEAT) or master Coppola you have learn how to write better.

Who cares about logic if the filmmaking is strong enough. In this case it’s not. Instead you are treated as an imbecile to believe that certain crucial plot moments are believable.

I can’t even begin to express the stupidity when the supposed drug-lord (played well when speaking his native tongue… ) is shot and almost killed, only to moments later be brought home as if nothing had happened. I hope this is not meant to be taken seriously.

This is just the first in a string of equally flawed illogical weak points. This kind of poor screen writing usually belongs in straight-to-DVD movies.

It’s a shame because the filmmakers had good intentions.

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