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Dated Released : 2010
Quality : DVDRip
Country : Canada, Italy
Starring : Emily Hampshire, Elias Koteas, John Pyper-F
Genre : Thriller

Review | DIE movie

I must admit it had potential but the execution did not work. What I thought was going to be a diabolical, masterminded thriller ended up being a mess of a loosely developed plot, unimaginative characters and completing lacking of any suspense or excitement. The movie was reminiscent of the Saw series (without the gore) but missed out on any aspect that would keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

It’s honestly difficult to find good qualities in this film. Just when you think a particular scene is getting interesting, it rips that all away from you in moments that leave you constantly asking “is that it?” I was wishing the entire time that, following each scene, it would have gone in another direction.

Simply a waste of time to watch. It is a flop and completely unworthy of anyone’s attention.

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