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Deer Crossing movie poster

Deer Crossing (2012)

Deer Crossing movie poster

Deer Crossing

Runtime : 110 min
Genre : Crime | Drama | Horror
Director: Christian Grillo
Writer: Christian Grillo
Stars:Christopher Mann, Laura L. Cottrel and K.J. Linhein
Country : USA


Deer Crossing is a complex story that starts off being about a woman named Maggy (Laura Lynn Cottrel) who has left wit her young son, Cole, to go on a trip somewhere. When she detours she ends up hitting a deer and her and her son end up being picked up by mountain man who holds them captive for eight years. Maggy is kept shacked up in his shed as some sort of play thing and he raises Cole to be his son. This is one of three stories intertwining into the main plot of the film. Some of “Deer Crossing” will put off a lot of people, mostly women. The good news is that this movie goes pretty far on the exploitation scale to please hardcore fans of low budget crime/horror fans. It’s like a Jack Ketchum story line, mixed with classic moments of pathos with rich characters that will not be forgotten.

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