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Creep Van movie poster

Creep Van (2012)

Creep Van movie poster

Creep Van Movie

Runtime : 80 min
Genre : Horror
Release Date : 10 June 2012 (USA)
Director: Scott W. Mckinlay
Writers: Jim Bartoo (screenplay), Adam Jahnke (additional material).
Stars:Brian Kolodziej, Amy Wehrell and Gerald Emerick
Country : USA


Life without a car can be murder. Nobody is going to learn that lesson faster than Campbell Jackson (Brian Kolodziej)…

Movie Review

“Creep Van” is impossible to rate because the movie often makes little sense, indeed, its often nonsensical.

The best comparison is to say it was watching the average YouTube video; the people making it obviously thought it was much funnier than the movie actually was. Often absurd, and occasionally I laughed, but often in disbelief or at the absurdity of the events on screen, rather than because it was funny.

Another description would be Troma without the talent. Or, if you’ve seen any Syfy movie where the monster kills bystanders long before interacting with any central characters, the van’s screen time is generally limited to things like that.

Otherwise there’s much nonsense, like a drug dealer screaming into his phone before finishing with “of course I’ll tell Mom I love her”, the martial arts girl beating up perverted engineer before both get turned into roadkill, etc.

It’s stupid, but you’ll probably be tired of it before it’s over.


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