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Combat Girls 2011 Movie Poster

Combat Girls (2011)


Combat Girls 2011 Movie Poster
Kriegerin (2011)
Runtime: 100 min
Genre : Drama
Movie Release : 19 January 2012 (Germany)
Director: David Wnendt
Writer: David Wnendt (by)
Stars: Alina Levshin, Jella Haase, Sayed Ahmad
Country: Germany
Language: German | English | Dari


Marisa, a 20-year-old German girl, hates foreigners, Jews, cops, and everyone she finds guilty for the decline of her country. She provokes, drinks, fights and her next tattoo will be a portrait of Adolf Hitler. The only place she feels home is the Neo-Nazi gang she belongs to, where hate, violence, and heavy parties are the daily rules. When 14-year-old Svenja joins the group, Marisa appears like a role model to her: she fits the purest idea of a combat girl fighting for the group’s ideology. But Marisa’s convictions will slowly evolve when she accidentally meets a young Afghan refugee. Confronted to him, she will learn that the black and white principles of her gang are not the only way. Will Marisa ever be able to get out of this group?


The topic of right wing extremists in Germany is a very hot one. The movie tries to stay as real as possible with its depiction of the characters it portrays and the world they are living in. It’s not an easy watch and it especially isn’t easy to play. Main actress does a fabulous job here.

The morality is clear and that is why the movie does not emphasize on certain things. You’ll either like this approach or you’ll think it’s takes the matter too lightly. Whatever the case don’t expect your usual mainstream approach. The movie will not resolve everything or not in a satisfying kind of way. The acting alone is worth watching it of course.

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