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Dated Released : 6 February 2008
Quality : –
Complte Title : Extra large, antara aku, kau dan Mak Erot
Country : Indonesia
Starring : Jamie Aditya, Francine Roosenda, Alex Abbad
Genre : Drama


Jamie Aditya, formerly known as MTV VJ and jury Indonesian Idol, the man lined up to star in the title role in his acting debut. Jamie served as Dean, a naive young man of 25 years and ‘straight’ only. Denise is a straight life suddenly changed when his parents Denise match with Vicky (Dewi Sandra). Vicky is the girl educated, come from wealthy families, and most importantly, Vicky hypersex pretty amazing as well.

Inevitably the match was only made Denis stress. First, Denise did not have experience in the field of sex, alias still ‘virgin’. And second, Denise has a size of genitals are classified as very minimal. ‘Pressure’ to be the ideal husband for Vicky to bring Denise vent on the two friends since high school, Stefan (Erron Lebang) and Juno (Alex Abbad). Stefan is a playboy adventurer, while Juno was the son of a tycoon who has the nature of the spoiled and likes to gamble.

Seeing his friends are desperate for a wedding a month away, Stefan and Juno actually bet. Juno 1 billion bet, if within one month he could make the Dean as a ‘sex machine’, rivaling playboy caliber Stefan, Stefan is the opposite. By Juno, Denise brought to Mak Siat (Sarah Sechan), who claimed descent from the umpteenth Mak Erot, shaman legendary among the men in Indonesia are reportedly able to extend the size of genitals. Not only that, to test the efficacy of new treatments undertaken Denis, Juno hired a prostitute for a month to be a sparring partner Denise at once can be a consultant about the size of genitals Denis.

Disewalah Intan (Francine Roosenda Yachinta), a pretty young prostitute. So began ‘adventure’ crazy for a month between Denise and Diamond. Various strange happenings, funny, touching rolling along with the fact that Denise realized that true happiness is not on physical perfection. But the perfection of the liver. Just as the perceived kindness of Diamond Deni .. the prostitute who di’nista’kan by the community.

Finally, the main dilemma ahead of Denise the day before the wedding actually does not matter the size of a vital tool. But his heart problem that has been moored at the Diamond a good-hearted prostitute.




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