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Wetlands (2013) Movie Poster

Wetlands (2013)

Wetlands (2013) Movie Poster

Feuchtgebiete (2013)

Runtime: 105 min
Genre : Adult | Comedy | Drama
Movie Release : 22 August 2013 (Germany)
Director: David Wnendt
Writers: Claus Falkenberg (screenplay), David Wnendt (screenplay)
Stars: Carla Juri, Christoph Letkowski, Marlen Kruse
Country: Germany
Language: German


The eccentric 18 year-old Helen narrates the story of her life, including stories about her preferred sexual practices that involve vegetables, her attitude towards hygiene, drugs, her best friend Corinna and her challenging childhood. The frame story takes place in a hospital where she is treated because of an anal fissure. During her stay she plans to reunite her divorced parents and falls in love with the male nurse Robin.


At the beginning of the movie a comment somebody placed on “Bild Online’ said in German that this movies is so revolting and tragic it should never have been made. Although I think the intention was to mock the person who said this, having seen the movie I think that person was right. I like to think I have a pretty strong stomach but at the end of this I felt an overwhelming sense of despair and revulsion. If the purpose of the movie is to cause people to cut their wrists then I think it is a run away success.

The story is about a girl who was raised by a cold hearted psychopathic and (as it turns out downright evil) mother and an imbecilic father. In reaction to her mothers obsessive cleanliness she becomes as unhygienic as possible. She is probably meant to be portrayed as some kind of free spirit, but she comes across as a completely self absorbed and quite repulsive person, entirely devoid of any kind of morals or principles. As the movie progressed I ceased making excuses for her and came to loathe her character.

At the finale the reason for much of her behavior is revealed, but it doesn’t provide closure because this is such a devastating and bleak study of the futility of life, or these peoples lives at any rate. This is a corrosive movie that you will not be better for watching, and I seriously recommend sensitive or depressed people avoid it.

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