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Welp 2014 Movie Poster

Welp (2014)

Welp 2014 Movie Poster
Welp (2014)
Runtime: 84 min
Genre : Adventure, Horror
Movie Release : 29 October 2014 (Belgium)
Director: Jonas Govaerts
Writers: Jonas Govaerts, Roel Mondelaers
Stars: Stef Aerts, Evelien Bosmans, Titus De Voogdt
Country: Belgium
Language: Flemish | French


Sam, 12, is in trouble: his entire “Pathfinder” scout troop picks on him – and worse. The leader, Peter, is the worst of all. He seems to find a sadistic pleasure in humiliating Sam. This year’s trip is to a woods near the French border where a curious legend named Kai is said, around the campfire, to make mischief. But when Sam finds that Kai is no legend and that he makes more than mischief, no one believes him.


Considering the fact I did in fact seen many movies like Cub, I’ll try to keep the comment short. Why? Well, maybe I got tired of repeating myself, as Cub copied other productions before it.

It kinda feels like a blend between Wilderness and Haute Tension, it could be considered an OK movie by people that are strangers to horror, especially in the woods type. Not horrible, not bad, not stupid, but not that new either, does have that gory touch, to make it more shocking yet it still doesn’t seem enough.

You could watch it, not for scares, but to see another horror, if you’re a fan of such movies, and this will be the only reason I can recommend Cub. I’m glad I did, had a little portion of fun with it, found it an OK horror, considering I’ve had my share of such films, seen plenty and will continue to do so, thus, Cub, a 5/10 stars film in my books, feels like a breath of fresh air comparing to other non sense. ‘

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