Date Released : 2 April 2009
Quality : Good
Country : Indonesia
Starring : Tora Sudiro, Revalina S. Temat
Genre : Comedy


Representatives film tells a simple journey of a young man named Bagyo (Tora Sudiro) to become a candidate for the legislature. Actually Bagyo involvement in politics was not accidental.

One day a set of criminals are robbing famous artist named Atika. The foiled robbery Bagyo and beat the robbers until bruised. After that Bagyo extolled as heroes. He was praised for being willing to sacrifice to save the helpless Atika. Acts of courage Bagyo became big news. His name immediately became a byword in various national and local media.

Bagyo fame is then used by a top political party to attract mass support in the legislative elections. Bagyo are complacent with their status as public figures welcomed the offer of the party. I

Travel Bagyo in the political world was full of obstacles. Bagyo then sent to campaign into a remote village where people live Wadasrejo all deficiencies. In this village Bagyo figure not known at all when Bagyo very popular in the capital.

In the village init Bagyo find another reality that is more important than a big name and fame. Villagers appreciate the honesty and sincerity instead of flowery words on sale in a political campaign.

How Bagyo next trip? Is Bagyo successfully served as a member of the legislature?




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