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Tina & Bettina The Movie movie poster

Tina & Bettina The Movie (2012)


Tina & Bettina  The Movie movie poster

Tina & Bettina The Movie

Genre : Comedy
Release Date : 7 September 2012 (Norway)
Director: Simen Alsvik
Writer: Espen Enger
Stars:Odd Magnus Williamson, Henrik Thodesen and Else Kåss Furuseth

Movie Review

A good idea of a sketch is not always a good idea to make a movie. An idea of making something more out of a good idea, needs a good plan, and a good manuscript. If the first manuscript isn’t good enough, you’ll have to make it over, or make someone else rewrite it. If something is fun for 3 minutes, it’s no rules telling you can just make it longer…

It’s things like this I feel like saying after watching this mess. There’s loads of good people involved here, but two more years in working the manuscript would have done wonders. This never should have gone past the stage of an idea. Nevertheless, this film has done well at cinemas, especially amongst young teenagers, which the film tries to make a parody about.

And it functions fire the first 10 minutes, before it starts going down. The ground idea is good enough, and this could have made an interesting critical comment to bullying or shallowness in friendship. But when you stop laughing, the film gets boring, and very long.

There’s many of the same comedians behind this, as where behind the awful Help, we’re in the film business (Hjelp, vi er i filmbransjen). I’m afraid this is even worse. At least that film had a couple of moments. This film has three laughs, that even to little for one sketch. Should comedians be allowed to make movies that are not funny, or should there be punishment, or at least quarantine for making waste like this?

The only good thing here, is that the film has given bread on someone’s table. The bad thing is that I was one of the people paying for it.

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