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The Wedding Video movie poster

The Wedding Video (2012)


The Wedding Video movie poster

The Wedding Video Movie

Runtime : 94 min
Genre : Comedy
Release Date : 17 August 2012 (Ireland)
Director: Nigel Cole
Writer: Tim Firth (screenplay)
Stars:Lucy Punch, Harriet Walter and Matt Berry
Country : UK


A newly married couple’s best man decides to capture their wedding on video and present them with it as a gift.

Movie Reviews

The idea of combining a Blair Witch type of video to a wedding is rather appealing.The brother is very reminiscent of Simon Pegg at his most infuriating.Whilst this combination is uppermost the film is reasonably funny and has few dull moments.However about two thirds the way through it stops being a video and turns into a rather naff rom com which rather outstays its welcome.Which is a shame as it was entertaining up till then.Unfortunately at this particular moment all humour seems to drain out of the film.It even manages to make 4 Weddings look good if you ignore Amie Mcdowell.Worth a look if you have nothing better to do.

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