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the sexy city poster

The Sexy City

the sexy city poster

Dated Released : 25 March 2010
Quality : VCDRip
Country : Indonesia
Director : Helfi C.H. Kardit
Starring : Fauzi Baadila, Ardina Rasty , Baim
Genre : Drama

Synopsis Film The Sexy City

Poppy desperate to come to Jakarta to pursue his ideals. But he was shocked when I discovered how hard life in Jakarta, until he applied for work at a bar owned by Om Reno. Luckily Poppy met with Stella, who gave him a lift boarding house and teach him how to take care of myself, work in the world tonight

Once Poppy met Nanda, his best friend during junior high school first. But Nanda has now turned into a junkis putaw, because bad influence girlfriend, Vino. Poppy tried to realize Nanda of the snare of drugs, but more trust Nanda Vino from the Poppy. Nanda even willing, Vino sold on the roadside in order to get money to buy goods / putaw

Once Stella was asked to dance striptease in a private party event. Apparently it’s all just a hoax. Stella accidentally booked by his own mother, Pritchard, and several colleagues played the card, which dihutangi much by Pritchard, to be sold abroad. Unless Stella can get money 50 million to pay her debt. Setlla, Poppy and Nanda sell all valuables belonging to them, but not well enough. Moreover Nanda sometimes still like wearing drugs, instead spending the money that already exists. In the midst of despair Poppy, appears Bono (Poppy’s best friend during high school), which offers a Poppy to sell her virginity. At the same time Satrio, Poppy’s fiancee, also came from the village to search for Poppy in Jakarta. Poppy so confused .. Which should she choose .. friendship, love or virginity?

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