Dated Released : March 2010
Quality : DVDRip
Countyr : Indonesia
Starring : Tora Sudiro, Vincent R, Revalina S. Temat
Genre : Comedy


The story begins with the life of Matthew Jago (Jaja Miharja), a civilian market. Thanks to his martial arts abilities, Matthew Jago managed to quell much gang. Because he is respected, then nobody would dare all kinds of four children, Flora alias Ola (Revalina S Temat), Fauzan aka Ojan (Dwi Sasono), Robin aka Oding (Vincent Rompies) and Fauzi aka Oji (Zack Zimah).

One time, when Ola go clubbing, what a surprise because he woke up in a bed that was not his own bed. And he was not alone, there beside Riyo (Tora Sudiro). Riyo itself was no less surprised by Ola. Not feeling to know Riyo, Ola conclude if Riyo has been kidnapped and raped her. He also complained about these problems to the third brother.

No thank her sister was raped by Riyo, Ojan, Oding and Oji Riyo went straight to his office to ask for accountability for married Ola. Riyo is not feeling much less familiar with raping Ola certainly do not want to obey the will of a third brother was Ola. In addition, Riyo already has a lover, Mercy (Mirasih Tyas Endah). For refusing, Riyo should receive when Ojan, Oding and Oji beat it out.

This issue finally reached the ears of Matthew Jago. Knowing this, Matt Jago Riyo immediately angry and forced to marry soon Ola. Riyo is not just married Ola, Ola proposed requirement on to see her doctor. And the doctor said that Ola was still a virgin. Although Riyo surprised with the result that, Riyo has secretly fallen in love with Ola. Especially when compared to his girlfriend, Mercy, Ola better able to treat it as a man.

Riyo hear about married Ola, Mercy directly rampage. He was immediately met Ola, Ola as a woman and accused the teaser. Not received with curses Mercy, Ola increasingly determined to get Riyo.




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