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The Crossing 2014 Movie Poster

The Crossing (2014)

The Crossing 2014 Movie Poster
The Crossing (I) (2014)
Runtime: 129 min
Genre : Drama
Movie Release : 2 December 2014 (China)
Director: John Woo
Writer: Hui-Ling Wang (screenplay)
Stars: Takeshi Kaneshiro, Ziyi Zhang, Hye-kyo Song
Country: China | Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin | Japanese | Min Nan | Shanghainese


In the summer of 1945, General Lei Yifang (Huang Xiaoming) earns a decisive victory against the Japanese, while signal corps soldier Tong Daqing (Tong Dawei) captures Taiwanese doctor Yan Zenkun (Kaneshiro Takeshi), who was conscripted into the Japanese army. After the surrender of the Japanese Empire, the three go their separate ways. Lei heads back to Shanghai, where he meets and falls in love with the wealthy Zhou Yunfen (Song Hye Kyo). Yan returns to his hometown in Taiwan, only to find that the Japanese girl (Nagasawa Masami) with whom he was in love has been repatriated back to Japan. In order to pull off a small scheme, Tong enlists an illiterate young woman (Zhang Ziyi) to pose as his wife, and ends up falling for her. The three couples lead disparate lives, but they’re brought together by the Taiping.

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