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The Boogeyman movie poster

The Boogeyman (2012)


The Boogeyman movie poster

The Boogeyman Movie

Genre : Horror
Director: Jeffery Scott Lando
Writer: David Reed
Stars:Eddie McClintock, Amy Bailey and Christian Hammerdorfer
Country : USA


The film opens with brothers Jacob and Isaac playing around the neighborhood “creepy house.” Jacob, the younger of the two, is obviously freaked out by the house and what unknown horrors may lie inside, but one of Isaac’s friends takes Jacob’s cell phone and throws it through a window on the top floor. Now Jacob is forced to go inside. Unbeknownst to Jacob and the others, the house is a prison to a creature as old as the book of Genesis from the bible itself — and it’s as pissed off and hungry as it is old. Jacob accidentally sets the creature free and upon realizing it’s free, the creature’s guard, Mr. Skinner, has a heart attack and dies, setting off a chain of events that leads to the creature going on a massive killing spree.Mike (Eddie McClintock) is hot on the trail of this very old killer!! Jacob and Isaac’s father, Mike (Eddie McClintock), who also happens to be a cop in the small town, is investigating the death of Mr. Skinner when he and his female partner Rebecca (Amy Bailey), are sucked into the conspiracy of what the creature is, why it’s in their town, and why it has targeted Jacob.

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