Test Pack (2012)

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Test Pack movie poster

Test Pack

Runtime : 105 min
Genre : Comedy | Drama
Release Date : 6 September 2012 (Indonesia)
Director: Monty Tiwa
Writer: Adhitya Mulya
Stars:Reza Rahadian, Acha Septriasa and Renata Kusmanto
Country : Indonesia


Grace (Reza Rahadian) and Tata (Acha Septriasa) middle-class couples. They’ve been married 7 years, but no children. Tata personal desire to have children, more than Grace because Grace thought that if they were (to have each other), it is enough for Grace.

Shinta (Renata Kusmanto) is a super model of Indonesia’s worldwide. Reputation, image and professionalism is very good and high. Not many people know that she is recently divorced from her husband, Heru (Dwi Sasono) because Shinta can not give a child is diagnosed. Heartbroken and lonely, Shinta busy trying to hold it with a new modeling and nesting houses. At the same time he thought of the Shinta previous ex-girlfriend had left, Grace.

Grace went to the doctor and Tata Peni (Oon Project Pop), and they begin the process of invitro. Tata began unstable due to fertility hormone injections. But the obsession with child Tata will keep it strong. Tata even rejected an offer to work abroad for the process of having this child. At the same time, Shinta met with Grace because they went to the same clinic. Grace hides this meeting because they do not want Tata Tata increasingly unstable emotions. Invitro fails and they will start the second invitro.

Grace met with the accident made it known Shinta and Tata. Tata angry uncontrolled. They seized large that Tata decided to divorce. Tata decided to take a job offer abroad. Shinta see Grace is devastated, trying to get into the life of grace. Shinta tried to convince Grace that they were a perfect match. Grace slowly began to enter into life Shinta, is still undecided between accepting the decision or pursue Tata Tata resignedly.

Is Grace could be the perfect person for Tata? Or Shinta?

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Test Pack Part1
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Test Pack Part1
Test Pack Part2
Test Pack Part3
Test Pack Part4
Test Pack Part5

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