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Tanah surga... katanya movie poster

Tanah surga… katanya (2012)


Tanah surga... katanya movie poster
Tanah surga… katanya

Runtime : 91 min
Genre : Drama
Release Date : 15 August 2012 (Indonesia)
Director: Herwin Novianto
Writer: Danial Rifky
Stars:Osa Aji Santoso, Norman R. Akyuwen and Andre Dimas April
Country : Indonesia
Production Co:Brajamusti Films, Citra Sinema


After the death of his beloved wife, Hashim, a former volunteer Indonesia Malaysia confrontation in 1965, decided not to get married. He lives with his son the only one who was also a widower, and his two grandsons: Salman and Salina. Living on the border of Indonesia and Malaysia are separate issue for them, because the development and economic backwardness.
Astuti, a primary school teacher in the city, came without a plan. He taught at school that almost collapsed because a year is not working. Soon came a dr. Anwar, a young doctor who came from not being able to compete as a professional doctor in the city.

Haris tried to persuade him to move to Malaysia on the grounds there are economically more promising than stay in the territory of Indonesia. Hashim insisted did not want to move. For her loyalty to the nation is set in stone…

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