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Nostalgia for the Light (2010) movie poster

Nostalgia for the Light (2010)

Nostalgia for the Light Movie Nostalgia de la luz (original title) Runtime : 90 min Genre : Documentary | Drama Release Date : 17 March 2011 (USA) Director: Patricio GuzmĂĄn Writer: Patricio GuzmĂĄn Stars:Gaspar Galaz, Lautaro NĂșñez and LuĂ­s HenrĂ­quez ...Read more »

American Maniacs (2010) movie poster

American Maniacs (2010)

American Maniacs Movie Runtime : 86 min Genre : Drama | Horror | Thriller Director: C.M. Downs Writers: Trent Haaga, C.M. Downs (shooting script) Stars:Samantha Jane Adler, Miranda Admire and Aminca Bond Country : USA >> Storyline A terrifying story ...Read more »

I Kissed a Vampire (2010) movie poster

I Kissed a Vampire (2010)

I Kissed a Vampire Movie Runtime : 91 min Genre : Musical Release Date : 30 March 2012 (USA) Director: Chris Nolan Writers: Chris Nolan (story), Chris Nolan. Stars:Lucas Grabeel, Drew Seeley and Adrian Slade Country : USA >> Storyline ...Read more »

Violet Tendencies (2010) movie poster

Violet Tendencies (2010)

Violet Tendencies Movie Runtime : 99 min Genre : Comedy | Drama | Romance Release Date : 24 April 2010 (USA) Director: Casper Andreas Writer: Jesse Archer (screenplay) Stars:Mindy Cohn, Marcus Patrick and Jesse Archer Country : USA >> Storyline ...Read more »

The President’s Book of Secrets (2010) movie poster

The President’s Book of Secrets (2010)

The President’s Book of Secrets Movie Genre : TV Documentary | Documentary Stars:Jonathan Adams, Jonathan Alter and Michael Chertoff Country : USA >> Storyline Journey inside White House history to unveil fascinating truths behind secrets known only to the President. ...Read more »

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