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FLYING BOYS movie poster


Date Released : 3 December 2004 Country: South Korea Language: Korean Quality video : Good Stars: Gye-sang Yun, Min-jung Kim and Ju-wan On Genre :¬†¬† Drama >> Storyline FLYING BOYS Best buddies Min-jae (Yoon Kye-sang), Dong-wan (Lee Jun-ki) and Chang-seob […]

CELLO movie poster


Date Released : 18 August 2005 Country : South Korea Quality : DVDRip Starring : Seong Hyeon-ah, Park Da-an, Jeong Ho-bin Genre : Horror | Music | Mystery >> Storyline CELLO MOVIE The cellist and teacher Mi-Ju Hong is invited […]

DEATH BELL movie poster


Dated Released : 6 August 2008 Quality : DVDRip XviD-SUPERiER Country:South Korea Language: Korean Starring : In-sook Choi, Bum Kim, Jeong-hwan Kong Genre : Horror | Thriller >> Storyline DEATH BELL Movie A bunch of smart students are tortured when […]

BLUE SWALLOW movie poster


Date Released : 29 December 2005 Country : South Korea Quality : DVDRip Director: Jong-chan Yun Writer: Jong-chan Yun Starring : Jin-Young Jang, Ju-hyuk Kim, Yuko Fueki Genre : Romance >> Storyline BLUE SWALLOW MOVIE The First Lady Korean Aircraft […]

BESTSELLER movie poster


Dated Released : 15 April 2010 Country :South Korea Quality : DVDRip XviD-BiFOS Director: Jeong-ho Lee Writer: Jeong-ho Lee Starring : Jeong-hwa Eom, Kang-hee Choi, Jin-woong Jo Genre : Mystery >> REVIEW | BESTSELLER MOVIE Any writer can attest to […]

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