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Si Pandir movie poster

Si Pandir

Release Date : – Country : Indonesia Cast : Yenny Farida, Darussimin,WD Mochtar,Yan Bastian,Teely Hendriana Genre : Drama >> Synopsis Si Pandir(Darussamin) are innocent and happy life with his wife (Yenny Farida) and his son, always lucky because the innocence […]

Warisan movie poster


Film Warisan Stars : Lina Marlina,Arthur Tobing Genre :Crime >> Storyline Indri (Essie Louisiana) get home from abroad because of his father’s sudden death. At home he met his foster mother, Tuti (Tien Kadaryono) bound, while her stepmother returned home. […]

Kupu-Kupu Beracun movie poster

Kupu-Kupu Beracun

Film Kupu Kupu Beracun Country : Indonesia Genre : Action Stars : Eva Arnaz, Enny Beatrice, Baron Hermanto, George Rudy >> Storyline Tapak Sewu (Baron Herman) who was originally a beloved teacher had abused his knowledge. He fled after killing […]



Dated Released : 1982 Quality : VCDRip Producer : Raam Punjabi Duration : 81 minute Starring : Tuty Wasiat, Barry Prima, George Rudy Genre : Action >> Synopsis Film PERHITUNGAN TERAKHIR Husband Windy (Tuty Testament), Johan (Barry Prima) was murdered […]

SURGA movie poster


Dated Released : 1977 Quality : VCDRip Duration : 80 minute Country : Indonesia Starring : Benyamin S Genre : Comedy >> SURGA MOVIE SCENE >> DOWNLOAD FILM SURGA Download Files: part1 – part2 – part3 [428MB-avi]|eu [VCDRip|450MB-avi]|mf Download Files: […]

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