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Si Pandir movie poster

Si Pandir

Release Date : – Country : Indonesia Cast : Yenny Farida, Darussimin,WD Mochtar,Yan Bastian,Teely Hendriana Genre : Drama >> Synopsis Si Pandir(Darussamin) are innocent and happy life with his wife (Yenny Farida) and his son, always lucky because the innocence ...Read more »

Warisan movie poster


Film Warisan Stars : Lina Marlina,Arthur Tobing Genre :Crime >> Storyline Indri (Essie Louisiana) get home from abroad because of his father’s sudden death. At home he met his foster mother, Tuti (Tien Kadaryono) bound, while her stepmother returned home. ...Read more »

Kupu-Kupu Beracun movie poster

Kupu-Kupu Beracun

Film Kupu Kupu Beracun Country : Indonesia Genre : Action Stars : Eva Arnaz, Enny Beatrice, Baron Hermanto, George Rudy >> Storyline Tapak Sewu (Baron Herman) who was originally a beloved teacher had abused his knowledge. He fled after killing ...Read more »



Dated Released : 1982 Quality : VCDRip Producer : Raam Punjabi Duration : 81 minute Starring : Tuty Wasiat, Barry Prima, George Rudy Genre : Action >> Synopsis Film PERHITUNGAN TERAKHIR Husband Windy (Tuty Testament), Johan (Barry Prima) was murdered ...Read more »

SURGA movie poster


Dated Released : 1977 Quality : VCDRip Duration : 80 minute Country : Indonesia Starring : Benyamin S Genre : Comedy >> SURGA MOVIE SCENE >> DOWNLOAD FILM SURGA Download Files: part1 – part2 – part3 [428MB-avi]|eu [VCDRip|450MB-avi]|mf Download Files: ...Read more »

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