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Police Diary (2014) movie poster

Police Diary (2014)

Police Diary (2014) Jingcha Riji (2013) Runtime: 113 min Genre : Biography | Crime | Drama Movie Release : 21 March 2014 (China) Director: Ying Ning Writers: Dai Ning, Dai Ning. Stars: Bo Bai, Bai Bo, Weihan Chen Country: China ...Read more »

PlayBoy (2014) movie poster

PlayBoy (2014)

PlayBoy (2014) Release Date: 2014 Genre: Drama | Romance Stars: Ma Xiaohui,Zhang ge Country : China >> Synopsis: Mark tells the story of the hero lose yourself in the maze of paper drunk fast-paced world, the first girlfriend from college ...Read more »

Love Battle (2014) movie poster

Love Battle (2014)

Love Battle (2014) Release Date: 2014 Genre: Drama | Romance Stars: Yun Cheng-Yang,Zhong Xin-Wang,Wu Hong Language: Mandarin >> Synopsis:   A test of love of the game, a no bloody war, a battle between good and evil, deceit, betrayal, temptation, ...Read more »

Wake Up Baby (2013) movie poster

Wake Up Baby (2013)

Wake Up Baby (2013) Release Date: 1 May 2013 (China) Genre: Drama | Comedy Stars: Yang Junyu, Andrey Lazarev, Yu Youxi Language: Mandarin Country : China >> Synopsis:   claiming that most of the people on Earth are sleeping, only ...Read more »

Bunshinsaba 3 (2014) movie poster

Bunshinsaba 3 (2014)

Bunshinsaba 3 (2014) Release Date: 17 July 2014 (China) Genre: Horror | Thriller Stars: Jiang Yiyan,Jiao Junyan,Dong Zijian And Wang Longhua Quality: 720p HDRip Language: Mandarin >> Synopsis: Lin a is sick in the hospital, sh ealways think that she ...Read more »

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