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Symphony in Blood Red 2010 Movie Poster

Symphony in Blood Red (2010)

Symphony in Blood Red 2010 Movie Poster
Symphony in Blood Red (2010)
“Come una crisalide” (original title)
Runtimme: 80 min
Genre : Adult, Horror
Movie Release : 21 October 2010 (Italy)
Director: Luigi Pastore
Writers: Luigi Pastore (screenplay), Luigi Pastore (story).
Stars: Sharon Alessandri, Nikol Brown, Federica Carpico
Country: Italy
Language: Italian


Symphony in Blood Red is an Italian ‘giallo’, a horror film inspired by the work of Dario Argento. It is the first feature movie directed by Luigi Pastore, and in collaboration with Antonio Tentori (Cat In The Brain), who co-wrote the screenplay.


When a disturbed young man’s psychiatrist suggests institutionalization, the guy opts to be all that he can be by surrendering to his murderous impulses.

That’s all there is, unfortunately. Director Pastore made no secret of the fact he was inspired by the works of Dario Argento -in fact, the film opens with a quote from TENEBRAE- but pastiche “homages” never live up to their muse and this film is no exception. The colors, camera angles, quick cuts, and compositions may be Argento-esque and a score by former Goblin Claudio Simonetti (who actually appears in the film) assists in this but, if anything, the film is closer to Mario Bava’s HATCHET FOR THE HONEYMOON (plotwise, at least) in that we know the killer from the outset and vaguely explore his past as we watch his present and wait for the inevitable.

There’s some PEEPING TOM in there as well since the madman videotapes his coming out “like a chrysalis” and even kidnaps the host of a “Most Wanted”-style TV crime show so’s he can film the man’s torture death. Other than that, the only things going for the film are its kills which come fast and furious (helped considerably by special effects pro Sergio Stivaletti) but even a half-assed mystery (very common in the giallo) is better than none as this film proves. As eye candy only, it wears out its welcome pretty quickly, even at 80 minutes (including end credits that go on for quite awhile, thanking Argento, Luigi Cozzi, and God knows who else).

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