Dated Released : 2010
Quality : DVDRip
Director : Hanny R. Saputra
Duration : 96 Minute

Country : Indonesia
Starring : Marcell C, Aurellie M, Sabai Morscheck,
Genre : Drama


Nina was forced to move to a new school for girls because her mother CHYNTIA recently married a wealthy businessman. Nina had to deal with their gang Sweetheart, a collection of three most beautiful and popular girl in school, email, FIFI and Cherry. No one can touch Imel, despite how bad his behavior toward his friends at school. No one dared to complain, let alone against

Nina Imel witnessed the beating of one student and report to the Principals Imel, who just opened an open battle between Nina and the Sweetheart. Nina was kidnapped and tortured, and threatened to never opened his mouth again. Trauma, Nina did not dare to school, or talk to anyone. Meanwhile Imel found herself pregnant because the relationship with Jodi, a popular vocalist who just treat it as a groupies. Feeling hurt, Imel also demanded solidarity Sweetheart other members are equally eliminate their virginity

Misha, a close friend Nina, still do not know how dark and destruction Sweetheart group which from the outside looks like an angel group, obsessed with being a member of Sweetheart. Willing to do anything to receive them, Misha was not aware Imel utilized as a laughingstock and even a tool for revenge Imel to Jodi. In its own way, Nina managed to close Imel, beliefs and even got accepted into the Sweetheart

Is Nina willing to sell all his life principles for the sake of popularity at school? Is the world with all kepahitannya finally able to change a Nina?




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Download Files: part1part2 [450MB-mkv]|eu

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