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Summer Whispers (2008)

Quality: Year: Duration: 96 Min

This film tells the story of a professor who is old (Min-Seop) with one semester of his last before he retired, went to the house of her son in America during the summer. He asked Young-jo, a child that he financed school graduate, to organize his personal library and asked Yun-soo, another young man close to him who works at the flower shop to take care of orchids was maintained by his wife throughout his life. In the morning at the house of a professor, Young-jo complete set of books, and in the afternoon, Yun-soo bunga2 caring for orchids, and both have a misunderstanding though without meeting. While they work with their respective jobs, they discover things about the professor and his wife are never sick. In those moments, they finally realize the love that does not seem given to both of them, the professor then died and summer for the Young-jo Yun-soo also.

Cast: , ,
Language: 한국어/조선말

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