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Speak No Evil 2013 Movie Poster

Speak No Evil (2013)

Speak No Evil 2013 Movie Poster
Speak No Evil (2013)
Genre : Horror
Movie Release : 24 May 2013 (USA)
Director: Roze
Writer: Roze
Stars: Greg Bronson, Annalise Cavender, Elisabeth Cavender
Country: USA
Language: English


When Anna’s daughter Joey goes missing, it’s assumed to be the result of bad parenting – but dark forces are suspected when every child in town also disappears. The children return but show signs of demonic possession, and proceed to attack the town. Forced to wage a violent campaign against the children, the townspeople go on a bloody rampage, but Anna refuses to believe her daughter is lost to the devil and will do whatever it takes to save her from the demon inside.


This may look like some generic horror, but it’s better than that. I just expected a dull para/slasher that I could stick on in the background whilst doing some real-life stuff.

I kind of missed the beginning, this film started to grab me about 20 minutes in, there’s some nice touches in the camera work – more than competent, visually this is a cut above the rest, the soundtrack tethers well to the “action” – another thing I liked, there was a much more low-key approach to the meat and gristle of the movie and some very effective costuming.

Would watch again 🙂

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