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Si Pandir


si pandir poster

Release Date : –
Country : Indonesia
Cast : Yenny Farida, Darussimin,WD Mochtar,Yan Bastian,Teely Hendriana
Genre : Drama


Si Pandir(Darussamin) are innocent and happy life with his wife (Yenny Farida) and his son, always lucky because the innocence and honesty. Although, it stems from idiocy luck and misfortune. He attacked her favorite sandals make the whole village. Fortunately, the village chief Zainudin (WD Mochtar), could save him. When no one can find a cow Anwar (Yan Bastian) are missing, be silly.
When there is an unresolved land dispute, can finish with a simple fool. It also brings nature silly misunderstanding. When Sarifah (Telly Hendriana), son of Anwar, incurable illness, was held the competition. Successful, so the husband. Fool out as the winner. His wife and son went straight, because he thought would marry Sarifah silly. It turns out that silly hiding in a basket carried his wife and children.

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