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Date Released : 13 November 2008
Quality : Good
Country : Indonesia
Stars: Ringgo Agus R, Desta , Ytonk Club 80’s, Judika
Genre : Drama | Comedy


SI JAGO MERAH film tells the story of four students namely Gito Prawoto (Desta) son businessmen from Sidoarjo, Dede Rifai (Ringo Agus Rahman) kids corrupt officials, Kuncoro Prasad (Ytonk Clubeighties) child entrepreneur herbs, and Pangan Rojak (Judith), a young man from Medan . Four of them threatened to drop out of college because they are overdue tuition for 4 semesters of Rp. 5 million.

They look for ways to meet the tuition arrears. Dede, Gito, Coro and Rojak was moonlighting. But the odd jobs they too take a lot of time until their college keteteran. Gito finally came up with the idea to become a firefighter. According to him, fires do not always come every day so that their task was not much. Finally they worked an internship as a firefighter.

The red rooster is the name of a battered fire truck is built from a long sleep because of damage to the engine. Rojak is a machine engineering student managed to make the red rooster running again. That’s why the 4th young man hired as firefighters. ‘Abstinence Home Before Off’ is the motto of the firefighters who eventually became their inspiration.

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