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Shark Week movie poster

Shark Week (2012)

Shark Week movie poster

Shark Week Movie

Runtime : 89 min
Genre : Action | Horror | Sci-Fi
Director: Christopher Ray
Writers: Liz Adams (screenplay), H. Perry Horton (screenplay)
Stars:Yancy Butler, Patrick Bergin and Joshua Michael Allen
Country : USA


To further whet your appetite with amazing shark footage, we’ve rounded up some videos of the often misunderstood sea beasts in action.


Movie Reviews

I recorded this movie on the “mighty” scyfy channel. I should have known better. I was done by the first commercial. Stupid plot, the bad ass female girlfriend of the villain is ugly and old. The villain is a moron but I guess rich.Two month old shark pups of any species are NOT flesh eaters except for fish. Almost every shark species that eats prey that are not fish do so after getting to a larger size. The great white doesn’t start eating pinnipeds until growing to about ten-twelve feet. It is way too dangerous for the smaller size sharks to attempt taking on such larger size prey. The special effects are not very impressive and the acting is lame.


Shark Week Movie Trailer


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