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Senggol Bacok-movieposter


Senggol Bacok-movieposter

Dated Released : 4 November 2010
Quality : DVDRip
Country :  Indonesia
Production Co : MVP Pictures
Starring : Fathir Muchtar, Ringgo Agus Rahman, Kinaryosih
Genre : Drama | Comedy


For Galang (Fathir Muchtar) only one of which must be owned by a man, that is guts! That’s why, Galang was never afraid of anything. Anger is the accessories in her life. Whatever the case, including even a trivial problem, he did not hesitate to finish it with a fist that has been ‘boiling’ and not infrequently lead to violence that makes the victim bruised.

In the old office in Bandung, Galang decided to ‘escape’ to Jakarta, ending a relationship with her fiance who was caught having an affair with her boss. Own boss made beaten up, that’s why Galang trying to improve life in a new place. He decided to return to Jakarta, wanting to rebuild his life after breaking up from his fiancee. Up to Jakarta, Galang meet new friends, Discos (Aji Idol), a petty singers voiced the dirty-faced gold but always managed to dampen anger Galang.

When Galang tried to forget her fiance, fate bringing the Laras (Kinaryosih), sweet girl who can make hearts melt stone Galang. Not intentionally, Galang successfully beat up my father who he thought Barrel thugs. Since then, Galang who put the heart at the daughters of the RT is, must be willing himself constantly crushed by misfortune, including a peanut allergic disease relapse Barrel father owned. Laras father also had to be hospitalized because of good intentions Galang who put peanut butter.

Not wrong one problem, another problem comes in the form of uninvited Donna (Ringo Agus Rahman), new residents and roommates in a boarding house Galang. Donny has a sly sense million to further alienate Galang and Barrel are already bad in the eyes of his father for being labeled as unlucky, plus Donny was also astute in matters of ‘lick’ in front of the barrel is the father to get his attention. Step ‘dirty’ si Donna proved to be more powerful to make him closer to the barrel and of course the father, while Galang always lose just so clever and cunning Donny months thereafter. Despite continued to hit bad luck, it still does not give up Galang get Laras. Galang It’s time to turn the brain to be able to compete with Donny, by lowering his emotions.




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