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Dated Released : 22 July 2010
Quality : DVDRip
Country : Indonesia
Starring : Dimaz Andrean, Ananda George, Enno Lerian
Genre : Thriller


Ria (Enno Lerian), the girl who lived on a small island, beautiful, simple and sexy. Ria’s depiction of character, to pave a sexy movie. Bikinis on the beach, along with Pink (Mambo) and sehabatnya Rose (played by Korean artist) they appear bold with two pieces bikini. Natural beauty of beaches and swish beach scene complements the main character introductions.

The drama began when Ria met with Dick (Dimas Andrean). Through Pink (Mambo), her sister Ria, Ria ask for opinions to move forward. Pink or less agree, so anything with Rose friend Ria. Until one night Ria stuck in a bunch of children under the age of the intestines will be sold by the syndicate Rehman (Anand George). Ria managed to free them all. But to prove that Rehman was the mastermind of all it is not easy.

Dick suffered from short-term memories syndrome, in which he could only recall in less than 10 minutes alone with a random sequence of events. This complicates the Ria to prove the crime syndicate Rehman as kidnapping and sale of human organs.

To heal Dick, a general practitioner who was taking nerve specialist who is very interested in the case of Dick also physically. Doctor Lena (Melina Zafar) a beautiful woman 27 years, smart, courageous and energetic. He’s more interested when he learned from his mentor professors (Roy Marten) that Dick was also suffering from a disease that can be analyzed as a case study of his thesis later. In Lena does not own investigation, aided by her best friend, Anga (Adhi Pawitra).

Hunting with time, Rehman tried to eliminate the traces of his crime with efforts to intimidate and kill witnesses who know football lunge crimes. Under the covers, one by one found the victim who was covered in blood.




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