Dated Released : 1988
Quality : VCDRip
Producer : Ram Soraya
Country : Indonesia
Sutradara : Sisworo Gautama Putra
Starring : Suzanna, IGL Jagat Karana, Joice Erna
Genre : Horor


Because of her sickly, Bisman (Jagat Karana) glanced Katemi (Suzanna). To get Katemi, Bisman kill his wife and inciting the population that is killing his wife was Sarma (Novie Chandra), husband Katemi. Sarma incited the population and killed. Katemi had time to escape, but mired in a cave inhabited by Nyi Awful (Joice Erna). Katemi ago so students Nyi Awful. Bisman then took the position of village head. After a village chief, ordered the residents to find Katemi Bisman. Son of the old village chief, Achmad (Jeffry Waworuntu), who had just returned from studying with the boarding schools, joined search. Katemi found and handed over to the Bisman. That’s when Katemi who already have knowledge of magic, reply and then leave. From a distance Katemi continue to run the science santetnya. Achmad then persuaded to leave science Katemi astray. Katemi want to, but not willing Nyi Awful. Achmad managed to conquer Nyi Awful.




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