Dated Released : 27 May 2010
Quality : DVDRip
Country : Indonesia
Starring : Luna Maya, Adi Kurdi, Fathir Muchtar
Genre : Comedy


The story starts from friendship Gina (Luna Maya), Dance (Tyas Mirasih Endah) and Zizi (Imey Liem), who have to fight when the only place they lived in boarding house will be evicted. Three women, a different character – Gina is a student from Bali’s moonlighting as a crime reporter, Dance students from Manado moonlighting as an aerobics instructor and student Zizi eccentric who believe in the unseen world from East Java who became a tattoo artist – compact maintain their residence not to be evicted to the mall.

Actually, Gina, Dance and Zizi can be moved boarding, but the problem with a mediocre money is not easy to find a place convenient boarding. Although looking fierce outside, Mother Lakshmi, the mother’s boarding house (Yati Surahman) is quite good at them, often feed on Gina cs. Therefore, Gina invites his friends to help the residents refuse eviction this. Gina is not alone, these efforts helped Seno (Fathir), which put the heart to Gina.

Gina Enterprises, Dance, Zizi and Seno to invite residents refuse eviction enough to bring results. Until one day come Rido (Reza Pahlevi) with his men who began to take action disturb the residents. Objective one, so that the citizens feel fear and eventually want to leave the place. Gina, Dance and Zizi who do not like seeing this, immediately formulate a strategy to fight against Rido and his men. Even the three women eventually have to compete this gentle muscle with these thugs. With each weapon, Gina with a frying pan and sutilnya, Dance with a mirror twin and aerobic movements, as well as with science santetnya Zizi.




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