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Date Released : 22 Nopember 2007
Video Quality : DVDRip
Country : Indonesia
Starring : Tora Sudiro, Sandra Dewi, Aming Sughandi
Genre : Comedy


I really think that Kalyana Shira Film is a group of people who really really love movies, and they currently really really know the different between good and bad movie. This movie is the simple example.

The story is about a poor 27 years old Jojo (Tora Sudiro) who couldn’t do anything right even in his simple job. After a few job changing, he got recruited to become a gigolo in a club called Quickie Express. The story flows from there. Overall, this comedy movie itself is a fun experience, with some very funny moments.

Unfortunately, there are -some but not all- tasteless low class jokes and slapsticks, just like in ‘American Pie’, ‘Sex is Zero’, or ‘Van Wilder’. The plot itself flows very smoothly, with many many many plot holes in it. Too many plot holes, I even think the makers do it deliberately, so the movie can be very light and entertaining to wider viewers. -Some but not all- the characters are weak and -some but not all- dialogs are shallow and clearly just ‘for the sake of funny moments’.

Fortunately, as I said, this movie is made by Kalyana Shira Film. This is a very well made movie. With some stylish ‘Lock Stock and 2 smoking barrels’ or ‘Fight Club’ touch in scenes, cinematography, score, and soundtrack, mixed with total retro designs in modern days. And also some little ‘Snatch’ or ‘Pulp Fiction’ twists. With some ‘good looking’ angle like ‘oldboy’ or ‘in the mood for love’. This can’t be a bad movie, and the makers know it.

So, what a movie consists of -some but not all- tasteless jokes, weak characters, shallow dialogs and the ‘well making’ becomes? A movie that has a potential to become one of the most successful movie in Indonesia financially and in the number of viewer!! It maybe even much more successful financially than ‘Berbagi Suami’, the maker’s previous movie, which, IMHO, is the best Indonesian movie after the ‘Resurrection’. But you can’t compare the overall quality.

7 of 10 – they have a certain standard.




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