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Pseudo movie poster

Pseudo (2012)


Pseudo movie poster


Genre : Action | Thriller
Release Date : 13 April 2012 (Canada)
Director: Gursimran Dhillon
Writers: Gursimran Dhillon, Colin Drake
Stars:Naresh Kumar, TayShawn Prinse and Manwinder Gill
Country : Canada


In a city where streets are overrun by drug dealers, those who have sworn to uphold the law are breaking it to better suit their own needs. Naresh K plays a detective (Sleaze), a veteran officer whose methods of enforcing the law are questionable, if not corrupt. ‘PSEUDO’ follows Sleaze as he takes the law in his own hands and co-ordinates a series of raids with his gang of friends. Ethical dilemmas arise when things go wrong and friends turn on each other as a game of cat and mouse ensues.

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