Dated Released : 23 September 2010
Quality : DVDRip
Country : Indonesia
Director : Nayato Fio Nuala
Starring : Cathrine Wilson, Keith Foo, Uli Auliani
Genre : Horror


Starting from vacation Ryan (Keith Foo), Naomi (Uli Auliani), Amelia (Debby Ayu), Jazzy (Cynthiara Alona), Jojo (Fendi Trihartanto) and Gathan (Yoga Hoebnerj). Together they visited a beautiful secluded beach known in a remote village that is still traditional. From the early scenes, keep up the atmosphere of the beach, sexy clothes have been held. Unfortunately, in some scenes sexy scenes got the portion of a lot for no apparent reason in the show. It actually reduces the value of the film itself. Although many immigrants who visit the beach, but its people still strongly believe in mystical things. Solikum (Toro Margen), an old man guards the inn warned them to beware of supernatural beings who wander around the beaches and forests as they have fun.

Like most city people are rational, they do not believe in superstition. By the time Ryan and his friends exult at the beach, of course, beach clothing will refresh your vision that likes this type of film. On the beach Amel accidentally photographing a wedding dress lady figure. Solikum convince them that the woman is dedemit Samber Viper, but Amelia and Naomi do not believe.

Following a bizarre incident after sighting them. One by one they disappear even killed. That left only Naomi, Ryan and Maya who believed that their friends were killed was not killed by dedemit Samber Viper. This assumption is reinforced by the fact that the Maya recognized the woman as Emily (Catherine Wilson), who lost his brother during their honeymoon.

Poorer Emily is not dead. When the honeymoon, her husband was killed in the villa where they were staying. Insanity makes Emily forget the memories and want to kill everyone in the villa. Revenge began to lift when she knows her husband’s killer was the son of Solikum, guard the villa. So the myth lives Goddess Samber made to cover up his depraved behavior.




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