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pengakuan seorang pelacur poster

Pengakuan Seorang Pelacur

pengakuan seorang pelacur poster
Dated Released : 19 November 2010
Quality : VCDRip
Country: Indonesia
Director : Andrew Timothy
Starring : Jenny Cortez, Andi Soraya, Gita Prisilfia
Genre : Drama

Synopsis Film Pengakuan Seorang Pelacur

The love story was never finished to preserve. Ranging from paintings, photographs, literature, songs, and movies. RECOGNITION OF A PROSTITUTE this time tells the love story of human beings caught up in social status. A consultant investment banker, Michael (Andreano Philip) did not expect to meet with a prostitute named Jenny (Jenny Cortez).

Their meeting occurred while they were both staying at a hotel. Jenny stayed to serve the guests, while Michael stayed on business. The relationship that began with the accidental finding a match point. When love blossomed and Michael believes apply Jenny, Jenny then felt the need to reveal his work as a prostitute. She was afraid to disappoint Michael and his family who have been so good to him. Jenny also received a sincere and open.

Michael realizes his true status and a privileged position, will be tarnished by its relationship with Jenny. Despite the turbulent human instinct and desire to give Jenny a chance to repent. In an interview, Michael describes tunanganya firmly. Feeling guilty to Michael, Jenny plans to confession at the same event denagn Michael. In his confession Jenny tells the story.

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