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Dated Released : 20 November 2008
Quality : DVDRip
Country : Indonesia
Production Co : Vandea Pictures
Starring : Lukman Sardi, Richa Novisha, Yama Carlos
Genre : Adventure | Drama | Mystery


Sita was shocked when I heard the news from the Mountain Park rangers heading Sarangan that Gancar, Sita’s sister, and some of his friends has been two days without reporting to post one. Officials there worry that Gancar and his friends have been lost in the middle route. Fearing the safety of her sister, Sita then invited to come to Mount Oji Sarangan to find Gancar.

Without the knowledge of Sita and Oji, Good then went to Tito who had undergone similar events that eventually led to the loss of Norman’s best friend. Because of trauma, Tito then decided to isolate himself from his friends. Fortunately, a sense of humanity finally made the original Tito did not want to come finally arrived to help the search team.

There is a myth that Mount Sarangan guarded by evil spirits and anyone who climb this mountain must comply with the terms and restrictions that have existed since hereditary. And Tito’s trip this time finally unmasked the mystery disappearance of Norman a few years earlier. The problem is how to find Gancar and friends who are alleged to have ‘hidden’ the watchman Mount Sarangan for violating the existing ban.

Film genre thriller with a mystical spices this is the result directed by Affandi Abdul Rachman, based on the script works Syamsul Hadi.




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