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Dated Released : 1982
Video Quality : VCDRip
Country : Indonesia
Duration : 60 minute
Starring : Suzzanna, Barry Prima and Ratno Timoer
Genre :  Horror | Mystery


This is the story of the snake queen who is worshiped by many people. If you make sacrifices to her she may aid you in you endeavors. However she is very fickle and will often require that you sacrifice a loved one to her. One man has given over his wife and son in the name of wealth. The Queen has demanded that he also give up his daughter. This is too much and he asks for another way. She says that he may give up one member of the household who has enjoyed his wealth for one year. To that end the man seeks to marry off his daughter so that he can sacrifice the son in law. Things become complicated when the snake queen, in disguise falls in love with the young man creating a very odd love triangle.

This is a well loved film in some circles. In my living room its liked but not loved. I think on some level I need to see it again, for what ever reason this film just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know why. Its certainly beautiful and well done (though the dubbing on my print can be awful-especially the narration). The visual effects are quite remarkable for a film from Indonesia in 1980. The half snake half woman shots are amazing even today.

But I don’t know. There is something about the story that doesn’t fully connect to me. Its a wonderful fantastical romance but it just misses for me.

Certainly this is a movie for some one wanting to get their feet wet with the films of Indonesia, especially if one doesn’t want to deal with the blood and guts that flow through many of the horror and action films more available titles.

Worth a try if you want a darkly tinged (there is some blood and gore) romantic fantasy.




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