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nyi ageng ratu pemikat movie poster

Nyi Ageng Ratu Pemikat

nyi ageng ratu pemikat movie poster
Release : 1983
Director : Sisworo Gautama
Producer : Janto Tanujaya, S. Widirga, Frans Pontoh
Writter : Naryono Prayitno, Djair
Stars : Barry Prima, Suzanna, Adang Mansyur, Dewi S., Diana Suarkom, HIM Damsyik, Jack Maland, Franky Mara, Rengga Takengon
Genre : Action

Synopsis Film

Nyi Ageng (Suzanna) grew older, he is increasingly able to see and feel that his people are weak often become victims of male abuse. His own mother’s behavior has become a victim of his father, Raden Permana (HIM Damascus) who has many wives. My younger sister was left in a state of pregnancy by a man who eventually died.

Nyi Ageng forced to marry a rich young man who later died under mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, Sastro (Soenjoto Adibroto) people trust his father already has a wife, secretly loves Nyi Ageng in every way. So did the foreman wants to fuck her father’s estate. However Nyi Ageng sympathetic to Broto (Barry Prima), a polite and loyal to his parents. It was he who finally saved from the pursuit of Nyi Ageng Sastro.

Nyi Ageng Ratu Pemikat (Movie Scene)


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